Overview of car rental services

  • No hidden fees. The lease is simple and transparent.
  • All vehicles are in 100% technical condition. We equip them with new tires every season.
  • All vehicles have a highway sign.
  • More than one driver can be registered for one rental agreement at no extra charge. The maximum number of people who can take turns driving is the number of seats in the vehicle.
  • All cars are ours. We can provide you with detailed technical data or take detailed photos at any time. Pick-Up service 24/7 - non-stop handover and return of the vehicle.
  • Comprehensive insurance of the subject of the lease - 0% participation in loss events. You do not have to worry about unexpected storms and floods, insurance against them is already included in the rental price.
  • For a small surcharge, we can provide complete cleaning and restore the car to its original condition after renting.
  • Don't or can't drive? No problem - we can also rent cars with your driver.