Strakonická 2860/4, Smíchov, Praha 5
Mon-Sun 7am-11pm

PCR and antigen testing at Václav Havel Airport

Right at the beginning, we would like to point out to those interested in PCR and antigen testing at COVID-19 that ** testing at Václav Havel Airport is intended primarily for passengers who have purchased a valid ticket or are planning a stay abroad **.

For other self-payers, testing is only possible according to capacity.

Where can you find the test center?

You will find a collection point ** in the connecting corridor between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 **.

Private subscriptions

For passengers who arrive in Prague, there are collection points before passport control at both terminals (1 and 2). They are used exclusively for passengers and these collection points are not accessible to others.

Opening hours of the public supply point

For the public, subscriptions are possible from 4:00 to midnight. In the non-public part then according to arrivals.

How long are the results

You will find out about the test result within 24 hours by SMS or e-mail.

Need to order?

NO, tests for the presence of COVID-19 cannot be ordered at Václav Havel Airport.

Testing prices

  • PCR TEST BASIC - CZK 1,550 - results within 48 hours
  • PCR TEST STANDARD - CZK 1,750 - results within 24 hours
  • PCR TEST TRAVEL - CZK 2,000 - results within 24 hours + certificate for travel
  • PCR TEST EXPRESS - CZK 7,500 - results within 2 hours + certificate for travel

For applicants for a PCR test with a request from a doctor (FREE test), it is possible to purchase a travel certificate for a fee of CZK 250.

  • ANTIGEN TRAVEL TEST - 700 CZK - results within 15 minutes

For applicants for an antigen test within the ongoing testing of the population of the Czech Republic (FREE OF CHARGE), it is possible to purchase a travel certificate for a fee of CZK 250.

Further information on testing can be found at [] ( "GHC genetics")