Free replacement car

Did you know that if you are not to blame for the accident that damaged your car, you are legally entitled to ** rent a replacement car ** completely ** FREE **? No? Unfortunately, you are not the first or the last to pay extra. That is why we have prepared this article for you, in which we will explain what is true and why we will be happy to provide you with a replacement car in our rental shop.

How do you know you're entitled to a replacement car?

You are always entitled to ** free replacement car rental ** if an accident occurs on your part = you are not the culprit. If you cause an accident, then you are not entitled to a replacement car, but on the contrary, the person to whom you caused damage to his vehicle is entitled to it.

Who pays the cost of renting a replacement car?

** The costs are covered by the culprit's insurance company **. This is one of the reasons why every car must have a compulsory liability agreement. This is paid by every vehicle operator and you will already know from the name that it is mandatory by law. The insurance company will pay for damage to health and property and, of course, the costs associated with renting a replacement vehicle.

Which car are you entitled to?

Remember that you are always ** entitled to a replacement car of the same category ** that you own. Don't get beat up! We are often contacted by clients who want to rent a premium car from us, because they have been offered a much worse category car by the car repair service. For example, if you own a 2-year-old car BMW X5, be sure not to settle for renting a 10-year-old Renault. If you have a car with an automatic transmission, you have the right to a replacement car with an automatic transmission!

Mileage Limited? No!

The insurance company of the culprit of the traffic accident is in its own interest to reduce the costs to the smallest possible amount and therefore, with the support of some authorized services, it tries to convince the client that it only includes a certain mileage. Don't be discouraged! The truth is that you can take a car ** on holiday ** to Croatia! You can't blame someone for damaging your car. However, do not forget to inform the rental company when renting a replacement car that you want to travel abroad. You need to get permission to leave the Czech Republic.

How long can I rent a car?

By law, you are entitled to a replacement car for the entire ** necessary repair time of your vehicle *. Beware of car rentals that will try to extend the length of the rental! This creates the risk that the insurance company will only pay for some days and you will have to pay the rest! Our rental company cooperates with authorized services of all brands and therefore we can * ensure the smooth progress ** of your vehicle repair, including the rental of a spare car.

Not sure? Call us!

Being a participant in a traffic accident is not pleasant and just because of a stressful situation, a person can "make a lot of mistakes" and therefore we recommend that you turn to someone who has extensive experience in handling insurance claims. ** Call us at 602 215 181 ** We will be happy to help you.