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The ŠKODA brand has become an indispensable symbol of the Czech automotive industry by combining long-standing tradition with innovative technology. Its extensive portfolio offers a wide range of models, including compact cars and luxury limousines, which appeal to diverse market segments.

The merger that changed the Czech automotive industry

The Škoda Group was formed in 1925 by the merger of two important Czech companies - Laurin & Klement and Škoda Works. Laurin & Klement was a company founded by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement, which originally produced bicycles and motorcycles and later began to produce automobiles. The Skoda Works, founded in 1859, specialised in engineering and armaments and later expanded into the production of automobiles. The merger of these two companies formed the Škoda Group, which became one of the largest and most important industrial enterprises in the then Czechoslovakia. This merger made it possible to combine the know-how, experience and technology of the two companies and strengthened the position of the Škoda brand as a major player in the car market.

ŠKODA ENYAQ: Revolutionising electromobility

The ŠKODA ENYAQ is the ideal choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly and powerful vehicle for their travels. With its spacious interior and long range, it is the perfect choice when renting a car for holidays, family trips or business trips. Its interior is designed to provide SUV-like spaciousness and comfort, thanks in part to cleverly placed batteries. It is also ŠKODA's first fully electric SUV and offers a range of up to 537 kilometres on a single charge, one of the longest ranges among electric SUVs on the market. What's more, the ENYAQ features a unique fast charging system that allows the battery to be recharged to 80% capacity in just 38 minutes, significantly reducing the time needed to restore power and providing greater convenience for drivers on the road.

ŠKODA Kamiq: The elegant compact SUV

The ŠKODA Kamiq has become a popular model thanks to its elegant design, spacious interior and excellent driving characteristics. The Kamiq is not only elegant, but also a "smart" SUV. With a new digital interior and technology, it is connected to the world and offers various features such as remote monitoring and smartphone control of the vehicle. The ŠKODA Kamiq is a great choice for those looking for a stylish and practical car for city driving. Its compact dimensions and excellent driving characteristics make it ideal for navigating the busy streets of Prague. Our car rental service will also deliver this model to any address, including Prague Airport.

ŠKODA Karoq: The reliable SUV for everyday use

ŠKODA Karoq is a favourite among SUV owners thanks to its reliability, spacious interior and advanced technology. A lesser-known fact about this car is that its name comes from the language of the Inuit, the indigenous people of Greenland and Canada, and means "autohop", referring to its ability to comfortably traverse a variety of terrains and road conditions. One of the most interesting features of the Skoda Karoq is its "virtual pedal". This feature allows you to open the boot with your foot under the rear bumper, which is great if you have your hands full of shopping bags or luggage.

ŠKODA Kodiaq: The luxury SUV for family trips

The ŠKODA Kodiaq is synonymous with luxury, space and performance. A lesser-known fact about this car is that it was named after Kodiak Island in Alaska, known for its wildlife and impressive bears. This name symbolizes the ruggedness and strength of the car, which allows it to comfortably traverse challenging terrain and road conditions. The ŠKODA Kodiaq is a great choice for a weekend rental, as it offers plenty of space for family outings and provides high comfort even on longer journeys.

ŠKODA Octavia: combining tradition and technological progress

ŠKODA Octavia one of the best-selling ŠKODA models in history. Since its launch in 1996, the Octavia has gained widespread popularity thanks to its combination of reliability, spaciousness and affordability. With its success, the Octavia has become an enduring icon in the automotive industry and demonstrated ŠKODA's ability to compete in its class. It is one of the few cars in its class to offer a virtual cockpit as an option. This technology allows you to tailor the information displayed to your preferences and create the ideal driving environment.

ŠKODA Scala: Compact with dynamic design

ŠKODA Scala is a compact car with a modern design, spacious interior and top safety features. The Scala is equipped with many advanced technologies, including state-of-the-art assistance systems such as emergency braking and lane keeping assist. These technologies not only enhance crew safety, but also contribute to an overall feeling of confidence while driving. This makes the Scala the ideal companion for long journeys or demanding city driving. Whether you're planning to rent a car for a week or take a family trip for a few days, this car will provide you with the reliability, safety and comfort you'll always appreciate on your journey.

ŠKODA Superb: A luxury limousine with elegance

The ŠKODA Superb is synonymous with luxury, elegance and top performance. What is less well known is that it has an advanced Active Noise Cancellation system, which minimises external noise and creates a calm and quiet environment inside the car, contributing to an even more comfortable journey. The Superb is renowned for its spaciousness and comfort, making it the ideal car for long family trips or business travel. One of the Superb's unique features is its 'virtual cockpit', a fully digital dashboard that allows the driver to easily customise the display to suit their preferences and needs.

From the legendary to the innovative - ŠKODA continues to bring us automotive treasures. Each model tells its own story, with tradition, innovation and an unbridled passion for driving. Whether you take a long journey in the ENYAQ or explore the city streets in the Kamiq, every moment behind the wheel turns into an unforgettable experience. And our car rental in Prague is happy to hand you the key to these unforgettable experiences - just choose the right model for you!