Refundable deposit / deposit information

When handing over the vehicle, it is necessary to pay a refundable deposit (deposit), the amount of which depends on the selected car. The amount of the deposit is always stated in the detail of each car. The customer can pay the deposit in three ways:

1) Done

2) Bank transfer

When paying the deposit by bank transfer, it is necessary that the deposit is credited to our account at the time of delivery of the vehicle. Therefore, we recommend making an immediate payment.

3) Payment card

In the case of a deposit with a payment card, it is necessary to count on a fee of 3%. This fee is charged by the payment terminal operator, not our car rental company.

Bank transfer account number:

IBAN: CZ36 0800 0000 0000 1174 1912
SWIFT: GIBACZPXXXX Please enter the order number you have in the e-mail in the note or variable symbol.

For quick payment, you can also use the QR codes in the user account after confirmation of the order by us.